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CRC Airco Kleen 200ml 11994-AD

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CRC Airco Kleen 

  • Removes and prevents unpleasant odours, generated by contamination of the evaporator in the air conditioning system of cars, trucks, and agricultural machines.
  • Especially after a period of inactivity (winter).
  • It reconditions the air conditioning system in an optimal way by means of its unique and easy application method, leaving a fresh scent in the vehicle.
  • No difficult disassembling on the airco system needed. 
  • Eliminates the contaminations from the evaporator and air conducts.

APPLICATIONS – All air conditioning systems in cars, trucks and agriculture machines,


1. Switch on the engine and run air conditioning at full power 

2. Shake well and place upright in the passengers footwell (Slide passenger seat far back)

3. Set air conditioning into cold and recirculation with dashboard venting fully open. 

4. Press the can activator.

5. Close all doors and windows

6. Leave engine and air conditioning running in the unoccupied car for 10 min.

7. Ventilate the vehicle fully with open doors, air conditioning on full power and recirculation off.

8. Ensure complete ventilation.

9. Enjoy !