Solder Wire Connector
Solder Wire Connector
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Solder Wire Connector – 120 pcs

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Full Description

Solder Wire Connector | 120 pcs

Plastic Connectors to attach two wires together safely and easily to create a waterproof bond. 


     10x Yellow

     Length: 4cm

     Diameter: 0.6cm


     40x Blue

     Length: 4cm

     Diameter: 0.5cm


 40x Red

 Length: 3.5cm

 Diameter: 0.3cm


 30x White

 Length: 2cm

 Diameter: 0.2cm


How to use :-

Step 1
Thread the connector over one of the wires and then twist the two conductors together.
Step 2
Move the connector to the middle of the conductor.
Step 3
Apply heat to the connector slowly and evenly with a heat gun with reflector nozzle until it melts with the wires.


Heat the connector until the solder gets fully melted.

We strongly recommend you do not use a lighter to heat up.

After the connector gets heated up, do not pull the wire until it cools down.


Pairs well with 285.0200

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