Plastic Tax Disc Holder

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Black Plastic Tax Disc Holder

After more than 90 years, technology has finally seen off the circular piece of paper that told the world you’d paid your motoring dues.

The authorities will now simply check the electronic database to ensure your vehicle is taxed.

All of which leaves the tax disc holder redundant, so here at ATV City we got to wondering what other uses there could be for that now defunct piece of windscreen furniture.

Here are 12 suggestions (not all of them entirely serious):

1) Parking permit holder – the chances are, if you have a parking permit you already have a parking permit holder. But what the hell, you now have a spare.

2) Notepad and pen holder – now you have a handy place to keep a tiny notepad and stubby pen nicked from Ladbrokes to record details in case you have an accident. Your glovebox is way too full of manuals, ice scrapers, CD cases, gloves and junk to hold any more, right?

3) Photo frame – why not give pedestrians walking past your motor something more interesting to look at than a tax disc? Display your own miniature artwork, your Twitter or Facebook profile picture, a picture of your dog, your football team’s club crest or an image of your god of choice – whatever takes your fancy.

4) Drinks coaster – use your tax disc holder to line your cup holder to catch any drips from your inevitably leaking morning cup of garage-bought coffee.

5) Biscuit holder – A tax disc holder is just the right size to store an emergency rich tea biscuit, digestive or Jaffa cake to ease those traffic jam blues.

6) Compact mirror holder – ladies (or gents, we don’t discriminate here) can slide a small compact with mirror in the holder for touching up the complexion before leaving the car for a party or a date. They have a handbag? Who cares?

7) Family planning aids – need a handy place to store your family planning aid for those naughty trips to the country in your car? Look no further. Worried about your nan seeing it in the windscreen when you give her a lift to the shops? Just tell her you’re a modern human being and taking safe sex seriously.

8) Emergency nicotine fix – a smoker (or vaper) who needs a quick fix to calm down after being cut up at a roundabout? Pull over and take out your emergency cigarette and lighter, rolling papers and wrap of tobacco or e-cigarette and chill.

9) Lucky charm holder – we have no idea what your lucky charm is, but if it fits in the holder, why not put it there while you’re driving? Well, why not?

10) Travel sickness pills – you never know when you may be called upon to give a lift to someone’s car sick-prone child, so a few handy travel sickness pills could prove invaluable if you don’t want to be washing the stench of vomit out of your seats and carpet for weeks.

11) Breakdown details – if you drive an old French car like I do, with 170,000 miles on the clock, breaking down at some point is more of a likelihood than a possibility, and your abandoned tax disc holder is the perfect place to store your breakdown service membership details.

12) Throw it away – You’re free! You don’t need it anymore, so bin it and rejoice in your new clear windscreen unfettered by all that outmoded paper and plastic.